Demi god docs

Welcome, Defi Demi God was developed to create a true development in a dapp to the blockchain. Our team not only promises but ensures the safety of our investing through transparency in a dapp collect, trade, and build your Demi army by minting different classes of gamefi NFT’s with attributes like, amulets and aura’s.

Trade, buy and sell your NFT’s in the our NFT ecosystem. View your collection of Demi’s in your Battle room and collect powerful items to impower your NFT. Our game will be developed by a major game studio we will be releasing more information soon.

Defi Demi God was developed in the age where the Binance Smartchain was filled with non transparency and tokens with no utility. The Defi Demi God team is determined to change the way BSC is looked at and encourage users to invest in quality tokens with long term developments and goals. Defi Demi God is still in the extremely early stages of development but with our skilled team and a professional marketer onboard we can achieve anything.

Defi Demi God prides itself with having some of the safest and transparent devs on the Binance Smart Chain network. Our team strives to be bring more value to our community everyday. 

Defi Demi God has long term goals with the correct team to back it up. The community deserves to have the highest level on transparency and safety for their tokens. Join one of the fastest growing projects on BSC.

Mint the rarest NFT’s building your Demi army here are our minting probabilities. Demi NFT’s will have a very limited supply and will be minted for a short period if time. We do plan to implement NFT fusing in the future.

Supply: 1 MILLION

A complete buy & sell of our token has a low total transaction fee of 8%. The tokenomic’s fees are specifically designed to be “low tax” for longevity of the token and benefit our community.

Contract has a (anti-honeypot mechanism) that is hardcoded into the solidity making it impossible to increase our fees over a total transactional fee of 18%.

4 different anti-bot measures have been set in place to ensure the security of our presale!

Contract Creator / presale deployer: Trynos

Audit Link:

Tax = 8%

2% lp
4% development
2% marketing

Max transaction 1%

Max wallet 1%

The answer is an NFT holder’s passive income rewards and a NFT burning mechanism. This is where our experience in defi excelled, we bring their battle tested tokenomics in defi and bring it to NFT gaming.

2. NFT FUSING: This is when you merge 2 NFT’s together creating one higher powered NFT, Users can choose 2 same class Demi’s to merge into 1 new NFT with better attributes & rarity, so the number of Demi’s will be decreased a lot over time.

The fusing mechanism allows the NFT’s to become more limited and build value to other players in the marketplace!

1. Earn in-game with your demi god NFT’s 
2. Interactive battle strategy Game designed on the BSC network with plans to expand. We are some of the founders of gamefied NFT characters to the blockchain. 
3. Dynamic 3D NFTs with each with unique looking and stunning graphic. For the first time user can view their NFT fully in 3D mode.

Trynos a very reputable coder will be hosting our presale on DX-sale to ensure safety and security of the project.